About Us

A.C. Tomkins provides accounting and business advisory services to small and
medium-sized businesses in New York City, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.

Meet Our Founder

Greg Tomkins started his career in the warehouse of his father’s company, where he improved the efficiency and profitability of the company by computerizing inventory management. In recognition of the positive difference he made, he was quickly given responsibility for the inventory subsidiary operations. As they say, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

He has applied the insights into operations that he developed as a young man working in the family business to help the clients he has advised over the years. Greg is more than an accountant and Chief Financial Officer. He is a business visionary who consistently earns the respect of his clients by providing guidance in both operations and finance that helps them achieve their business growth goals.

While working with his father, Greg also learned the power of leveraging the strengths of each employee and being as loyal to them as you want them to be to you. The firm’s name is a tribute to the influence that experience has had on shaping Greg’s success.

greg tomkins

Our Story

TomkinsCFO started long before we officially organized in 2022. When our founder, Greg Tomkins, worked as a young man in the warehouse at his father’s company, he learned that systems and controls were necessary to support a company’s growth and success. He also learned how to run operations that were efficient and profitable.

By the time he worked for his first private accounting client in 2005, Greg had already discovered the power of the data contained in a company’s financial statements. More importantly, he learned how to take that data and turn it into information from which he would create processes the maximized a company’s profitability.

He brought all of this and more together to create his vision for TomkinsCFO, deciding to provide a structured accounting and business support suite of services that is sized to fit your company and customized to drive your growth. Today we offer CFO, Controller, Accounting and Bookkeeping services designed to fit your needs and budget.

Our CFOs set the tone for the entire financial team and shapes its culture. They provide leadership and a senior level strategist for the face of your company. A CFO is instrumental is building your financial profile so that you can achieve your goals and vision. They can even assist you with planning your exit from the business when you retire.

Our Controllers translate your vision into day-to-day management of your finances and supervise Senior and Staff Accountants. They are the face of the accounting function to all the other department managers in your company.

We also provide the Staff and Senior Accountants, who are skilled at handling your day-to-day finance transactions.

TomkinsCFO can provide end-to-end financial strategy, planning, and management services, setting you free to focus on doing what you do best.

Case Studies

Want to see how we have helped other clients succeed? Here are some of our Case Studies

Consumer Products

When a consumer products Importer and Distribution company’s controller resigned, we provided a part-time Controller for this $15MM/year organization. Our fractional controller was able to manage their internal staff, improve their accounting processes, and create better reports for their business decisions on a less-than-full-time basis. When their continued growth required a new financial services partner, we assisted them in obtaining a new banking partner and a $10MM loan.

Service Business

When the owner of a service-based business decided it was time to dissolve a partnership, we stepped in to provide daily, weekly, and monthly bookkeeping services; acted as a controller to handle budgeting and month-end reporting, and supplied a fractional CFO to conduct strategic planning and provide financial insights and guidance. Over the course of our 7-year history with this client, we have helped them to grow from four to 8 employees and double their revenues.

Medical Device Manufacturer

A rapidly growing medical device company was converting from cash-basis to accrual-basis accounting when the owner turned to us for assistance. We provided monthly services over several years, implemented many accounting procedures, addressed significant legacy accounting errors, reconciled customer accounts, implemented a matching process for revenues and expenses, and provided the owner with reporting to assist with understanding and managing their growing business. When the owner was ready to exit the business, we assisted the company with the sale of the business to a Private Equity firm at significant multiples of EBITDA.


A construction company owner brought us in when an internal staff member left. We immediately went to work cleaning up a backlog of unfinished tasks, reconciled customer accounts, and reconciled vendor balances. Once we had addressed those items, we converted their accounting to an online system, which allowed multiple users to record transactions, and we implemented a job costing system to determine profitability. Then we implemented a monthly closing and financial reporting process to assist the owner with managing the business.

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